Binge-Worthy Content

A course for business owners who want to create 90 days of binge-worthy content in just 30 days… and have a blast doing it!

Taught by:

Melissa Cassera

Award-Winning Publicity Strategist & Professional Screenwriter

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When it comes to creating content like newsletters, blogs, emails, lead magnets, social media posts, podcast episodes, webinars, video scripts, or any other business-related content, do you:

Spread yourself too thin between too many platforms, and never seem to make any progress?

Waste a ton of time "planning" out your content, but very little time actually creating and sharing?

Get a massive migraine every time you try to make your content more “engaging?” (Cue the brain fog & low-grade panic attack...)

Wish more people would just pay attention and that you could actually make some freaking SALES?

If you’re nodding your head, saying “OMG—that sounds like me!”
— then I want to invite you to my Binge-Worthy Content!

Binge-Worthy Content
is a course for business owners that delivers a
double-dose of FUN.

First: You’ll learn how to create content that gets your ideal clients flipping out & hanging on your every word.

(Translation: you’re gonna become their favorite person to follow.)

And second: you’ll learn how to make content creation feel like fun for you—by swirling more of your personality & secret passions into every sentence.

By the end of Binge-Worthy Content,
you will:

Bend time and make space for consistent content creation—even if “I don’t have time!” is practically tattooed on your forehead.

Ditch procrastination and melt away some of the (lame) excuses that are blocking you from creating binge-worthy content.

Use your passions & obsessions (even if they have “nothing to do with your business”) to create content so addictive, no one will ignore you.

Know how to create & batch 90 days worth of compelling content in just 30 days time. For real. I've done it for years, and I'm finally peeling back the curtain and sharing with you.

Create content for your audience that feels FUN and not FORMULAIC.

Magically turn one piece of content into multiple pieces (create less, repurpose more!)

Sound totally original—even if ten thousand other people are talking about the exact same topic.

Why Take a Course
with Melissa?

Hey, I’m Melissa Cassera! For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked as a Publicity & Marketing Strategist helping thousands of clients, students & brands create totally-addictive content strategies that transformed their income—and brought the FUN back into their businesses.

I’m also a Professional Screenwriter with five produced movies that air on Lifetime Network (US and Canada.) I also have two additional movies along with a TV series “in development”—a fancy way of saying I make money doing it, but you can’t watch it… yet ;-)

I’m completely obsessed with how movies and TV shows create binge-worthy content, and I’ve studied closely how they make it happen so I can share all those backstage secrets with business owners like you.

Praise for Melissa:

Before taking Binge-Worthy Content with Melissa I felt paralyzed. I had a Facebook page with over 10,000 people, an Instagram with 6,000, a newsletter with 5,000, and they hadn’t heard from me in over 7 months. I tried to outsource content, even though admittedly writing is one of my passions because I just felt like I would have to live online to start using my accounts again. I also tried several courses all that made me have more anxiety than anything else.

Melissa has simplified everything about content creation. Once she laid out her 3 month plan, it almost felt too easy. But when you dive in, you realize (for once) you won’t have to give up your business to keep your social media going. You can actually do both and do them well.

Since I found Melissa, I have not stopped watching (and completing!!!) her courses. I realize most people overthink too much when it comes to content and they aren’t actually applying anything. Using Melissa’s techniques, you take action, get it done, and actually have fun!

Lindsey Catarino

Certified Health Coach

I invested in Melissa’s course because I’ve been told I write like a professor composing a staunch academic paper! Even though I’m much more animated in person, it’s been a struggle to translate my dynamic thoughts and perspectives into everyday conversational writing.

However, after being energized by Melissa’s infectious personality and commitment to interesting and obsessive, binge-worthy writing, my content and writing capabilities have shifted more and more as I implement her methods into the results of want-to-read articles that my clients, and others, have already positively responded to.

Wylie McGraw

Founder of Radical Performance Acceleration

OMG, Melissa, I love you! The lesson on “content auditing” is complete FIRE! I uncovered a plethora of amazing content to teach and share. I’d been wracking my brain for weeks and I can’t believe it’s already DONE!

Zahara Joy

Creator of The High Value Woman™

Melissa has taught me that I can show up in my business as my bubbly self and not have to conform to cut-throat business building and content strategies. I can be feminine, girly and play with glitter and build an obsessed audience and a binge-worthy business.

Shelley Cohen

Brand Designer and Interior Designer

After learning from Melissa, I launched my first true “opt-in” and I’ve already had 1500 new opt-ins from complete strangers! People who don’t know me (I’m quite thrilled!)

Finally growing my list - Woot Woot!

Lizzie LaRock

Coach, Photographer, Creator of the Life Feast program

Melissa helps me keep my business writing witty and magical! She always helps me authentically write conversationally, instead of feeling like I have to be a buttoned-up “professional” (so boring). My open and click-through rates have gone up and people are way more engaged since working with Melissa!

Pamela Chen

Tarot Deck Creator and Coach

Before working with Melissa, I always found writing copy & content a little overwhelming and didn’t know what to say. I would either stare at a blank page, or have an overabundance of words and couldn’t find the proper balance. But, Melissa takes the overwhelm out of writing! I love her relatable and memorable movie analogies that help me tell the story I am trying to tell in a way my customers will resonate with. No more staring at blank pages!

Every entrepreneur needs Melissa in your life! Not only is she a total rock star at what she does, but she keeps things playful and fun. So not only do you get an incredible amount done in a short time, but it’s a really fun experience.

Crista Grasso

Business Consultant and Creator of the Lean Out Method & Planner

Your investment for all this goodness:
just $495

If you’re ready to create