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Learn how to create nail-biting, toe-curling excitement for your work.

More sales. More sign ups.
More fan mail.

Total obsession.

A group business mentorship program for entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, and consultants.

Led by:

Business Strategist & Screenwriter

Melissa Cassera

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You tease your latest offer and you’re immediately flooded with emails from people begging to know:

“When is it available?” “Can I pre-order now?”

You open your email and discover fan mail:

“Your work changed my life!”
“You inspire me every week!”

You sit down to write copy and the words just flow—and the end result looks so good, you almost want to lick it.

You launch a new product/service and the entire process feels as fun as binge-watching a hot new Netflix drama while stuffing your face with chocolate peanut butter truffles.

It feels completely magical. Almost unreal.

Is this seriously your real life?

It could be.

Discover: Obsessed®

Hey! I'm Melissa Cassera

I’m an award-winning publicist and marketing strategist who spent years creating successful campaigns for entrepreneurs, authors, and media personalities. I’m also a professional screenwriter with five produced movies that currently air on the Lifetime Network.

I’ve been running my own business for more than a decade. When it comes to building a profitable biz and an obsessed fan base, I’m no newbie here.

My entire career, I’ve been fascinated with “obsession.” Why is it that certain companies have raging fans while other companies don’t? Why do certain TV shows develop a cult following? Why is one entrepreneur making bank while their (equally qualified) peer is barely scraping by?

I’ve studied “obsession” from many angles—as a publicist, business strategist, and screenwriter—and I’ve poured the “BEST OF” everything I know into OBSESSED.


Adelaide brought in $60k in a single month, built a team of 5 full time employees and 42 freelancers; speaks at conferences all over the United States; and lives abroad, traveling with family for half the year… all after diving into OBSESSED

"I felt like I was doing all. the. things. But nothing was moving. I had an online course that I felt would fit better as a subscription box with a corresponding course. But online courses are where the money is at… right??

Enter Obsessed with Melissa Cassera. And boom! How I knew deep inside my ideal customers wanted my program and product to be came to the surface, and I had the courage and necessary amount of fun to make it happen. Suddenly, Moms were drooling over my packaging, designs, and displays, wanting to buy what I had without even knowing what it was. And once they heard my pitch, they were addicted and are still telling all their friends! I was selling so fast, I didn’t have time to do all. the. things. And I didn’t need to! Focusing on your customers can help you bring in $60k in a month."


"Melissa has taught me that I can be successful in my business as my bubbly self and not have to conform to cut-throat business building techniques. I can be feminine, girly and play with glitter and build an OBSESSED audience and a rocking biz.

OBSESSED is like having a business bestie on speed dial. Melissa is super awesome at giving you the perfect amount of love and truth smacks... only she's a PR and business-growing goddess!"

SHELLEY - Designer, Creative Director, Photographer, Crazy Cat Lady - who now has people swooning over her content & services, and millions of views on YouTube… all after binge-watching (and implementing!) OBSESSED strategies.


As you learn how to build an OBSESSED fan base for your business, some pretty magical things will start happening for you.

Selling your stuff will feel relaxed and easy because your audience will feel like “family”—not “strangers” that you have to “persuade” or “impress.”

Creating products, services and content will become a no-brainer—you’ll never be short on ideas, because people will actually TELL you what they need most.

Cool and surprising opportunities will start showing up, out of the blue (press features, interviews, speaking gigs galore...)


Your enrollment for OBSESSED includes:

  1. Immediate access to the entire OBSESSED training program including over 40 actionable video lessons, templates and workbooks!
  2. Instant access to the exclusive OBSESSED Facebook group where you’ll get insight, feedback and endless #inspo for your business. Did I mention how amazing Obsessors are?
  3. Weekly ZOOM Q&A SESSIONS in our private group where you can get feedback and answers to your burning business questions. These chats take place every Wednesday at 10:00amPST. If you can’t make it, we accept questions ahead of time and all sessions are automatically recorded and saved within the Facebook group.
  4. Monthly PRODUCTIVITY DATES (the last Wednesday of each month) where you’ll set aside time (as much as you want!) to “batch” a project you’ve been itching to get to  - like creating an online course, writing sales copy, writing a bunch of content, [finally] writing that book, etc.
  5. Quarterly CHALLENGES filled with tips, tricks and quick steps to create your most obsession-worthy business, ever.

All that goodness, for just … for just $997 (dayummmmm).


1 x $997

3 x $350


The OBSESSED training program will guide you to create a business with an obsessed, addicted, give-me-everything-right-now fan base.

The training system is broken into 8 totally binge-worthy series of lessons:



In this series of lessons, you’ll learn how to make your business structure totally obsession-worthy with better goals, more space, and loads of pleasure.



In this series of lessons, you’ll learn how to make your messaging totally obsession-worthy by creating a fascinating personal brand and creating a movement.



In this series of lessons, you’ll learn how to attract the right kind of customers, and make them obsessed with your business!



In this series of lessons, you’ll learn how to create obsession-worthy copy for your business, including website copy, describing your offers, and creating your very own business thesaurus.



Dishing out exciting, binge-worthy content is one of my favorite things to do, and in this series of writing lessons—you’ll learn to do it, too!



In this series of lessons, you’ll learn how to build your audience and grow your list—making more people totally obsessed with you!



In this series of lessons, you’ll learn how to create offers that will have your audience screaming “A Thousand Times, Yes!”



In this series of lessons, you’ll discover my entire launch process—obsession style!



In this series of lessons, you’ll put the cherry on your obsession sundae by creating the ultimate customer experience.


If you’re feeling bummed out because sales are slow, opportunities are scarce, and people just don’t seem that “into” what you’re offering, this program is for YOU.

OBSESSED will totally flip the way you think about “building an audience” and “promoting your work.”

Even better, you get permission to STOP doing all of the awkward “marketing tactics” that suck the light out of your day. No more sobbing into your laptop! Miserable, stressed-out entrepreneurs do NOT produce obsession-worthy content. It’s time to get back into your happy place. And that’s an order. ;)


1 x $997

3 x $350


"The class completely changed every biz conversation I've had. Sales are up, clients trust me more, I'm more confident. I really love how Obsessed pulls your business together seamlessly. Using the lessons, I was able to work in real-time with Melissa’s guidance updating my website, creating opt-in offers and freebies, creating (and sticking to) a content schedule, creating compelling offers and communicating them in a way that excited my audience. $1000 is a DEAL for this class. Obsessed is amazing!"

Christine McDermott


"I *still* use what I learned in the Obsessed course for how I sell everything, and I took the class back in 2014!

I provide business and sales coaching and courses for photographers. By using what I learned in Obsessed, I’ve made it so I never have to post or email about my coaching services—and yet I get people reaching out wanting to work with me! It’s all because I treat every conversation (in-person or online) like I’m rolling out a Hollywood blockbuster, just like you teach in Obsessed—teasing, building excitement, etc. It’s been crazy effective. So, THANK YOU, Melissa!! You rock!!"

Christina Yodsukar

Professional Photographer

"I can’t hold it any longer. Like the guy you’ve been dating for months but haven’t told your parents yet, my fave obsession is OBSESSED. Melissa’s lessons are fun & inspiring. I look forward to every Monday morning when a new one pops into my inbox and I get to see what I can play with, explore & create with my brand and my message of inspiring others to see the favor inevery situation and use it to empower their lives (and love lives). I am truly obsessed! What a gift. I’m in love with this class and all the peeps in it!"

Debra Rogers


"I’ve used the OBSESSED lessons to help start a magical business—including launching a wildly-successful Crystal Unicorn Tarot Deck and Coloring Book! The feedback from Melissa and other Obsessors keep my biz writing witty and magical! Melissa always helps me authentically write conversationally, instead of feeling like I have to be a buttoned-up “professional” (so boring). My open and click-through rates have gone up and people are way more engaged. People totally respond to the simple calls-to-action and other OBSESSED tips/templates."

Pamela Chen


"I love everything about OBSESSED. There have been other courses that I have taken which haven't lived up to expectation. Not OBSESSED ... it totally went over and above my expectations! I love Melissa’s constant guidance to give extra love to our clients and business. I use her methods for my online orders, and a client was so surprised and delighted - she immediately wanted to stock my products at her clinic! She is situated all the way on the other end of the country and I’m so excited to have my products already reaching new markets."

Melanie Harrison


"I ADORE Obsessed! I have gotten more value many times over from this program more than any other course/program I’ve taken. And that’s just after six months of participating!"

Jamey Jones


"My biggest moment of success (and there are several) was quitting my day job. That ball had been in motion for a while, but I really believe that being in Obsessed (and Melissa's personal energy) gave me a bolt of courage to say 'I can do this' - and then do it. While I've been in showbiz for a VERY long time, I'm just finding my ground and spreading my wings in this online world.

Obsessed laid the foundation of what to expect in this wonderland and then the lessons guided me through it. Obsessed taught me all the things I needed to know about running an biz - online and off. Melissa consistently encouraged me to really dig deep and think about how I could best help + serve the peeps who come into my world wanting to 'channel' those feelings of boldness and brazenness they see in me. I am forever Obsessed!"



"I absolutely LOVE Obsessed! I’ve had so much fan mail this year since taking the class. Many clients who contact me tell me that they’ve been following me for awhile and they absolutely love my work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Luzelle Cockburn


"I loved the OBSESSED course so much! Using the lessons, I built a 1,000 person list in just a few weeks. Then, following the step-by-step launch lessons, I launched my first live small group retreat and the launch went so well that I had to book a second weekend. Obsessed makes marketing so much easier and I can revisit the lessons religiously every time I create and launch a new offer. Every week opening my Obsessed email felt like a special treat. Melissa writes ridiculously well, so it was like reading a glossy magazine AND becoming a smarter biz owner at the same time."

Gioia Gottini


"My favorite thing about OBSESSED and Melissa is that it’s the opposite of pretty much every course / program / ‘miracle’ product out there. It’s not about shortcuts. It’s about being present to the people who are already listening. It’s about being the best YOU so you inspire others to do the same. I used to cringe after sending out newsletters and worried that people would unsubscribe. Now I take it as a compliment if they do. It means I’m making way for people who care. I checked my MailChimp for the first time in awhile with the intention to ‘not worry about the numbers’ only to be pleasantly surprised that my list had grown and my open rates were higher than ever. I love the quality not quantity approach and the idea that by appreciating what you have now, you become magnetic. We’re energetic beings who know what’s really up. We can sense real from fake. The good from the bad. So glad to have found the gem that is OBSESSED!"

Greta Ertl


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! OBSESSED is great for budding business owners. OBSESSED is an awesome business foundation and removes the “guesswork” from those beginning years. I often wish I had a program like OBSESSED around so I could “get it right from the start.”

You don’t need an email list to join OBSESSED! We offer a special bonus training inside the program specifically on list building.

Yes, OBSESSED works for both product and service-based businesses.

If you are unhappy with your OBSESSED purchase, contact us within 30 days and we will give you a full refund. :)

If you’ve ever been to a group fitness class at your gym—like a spin class taught by an awesome instructor who knows your first name—OBSESSED is kinda like that.

With a group fitness class, the amount of personalized attention that you get is LESS than working out 1-on-1 with a private trainer every day... but considerably MORE than if you just waltzed into the gym and tried to figure things out all by yourself.

OBSESSED is a group training program, which means that you can expect high-value lessons, assignments and feedback in a community setting.


1 x $997

3 x $350